Clownfish for Mac 1.00

This is a legacy version of Clownfish Translator for Skype, compatible only with older Skype versions. Development and support of this version is stopped and application is removed.
If you are interested in new version go here !

The ultimate translation tool for Mac OS X

List of key features:
  • Translation of incoming and outgoing messages, learning mode, transliteration, filtering, status dashboard.
  • Text to speech with variety of web based voices.
  • Greetings to all your friends.
  • Fun&Art Message will make you smile.
  • A.I. Talk Robot will be your replacement with artificial intelligence.
  • Broadcast mass message with text pattern support.
  • Many supported languages from several service providers.
Please report any problems or errors you find. Enjoy :-)

  • Release log (1.00):
  • Complete application rewrite ( build on top of wxWidgets framework )
  • A lot of new features - text2speech, message broadcast, user filters, predefined greetings and art, etc.
  • Added new fancy GUI
  • New installation system
  • Release log (0.16):
  • Several binary distributions ( hope one will fit )
  • Fixed a problem when Skype is not started
  • Fixed a fake update alarm
  • Release log (0.15):
  • Compatible with Mac OS Lion
  • Rewrite of communication code
  • Bugfixing
  • Release log (0.14):
  • Fixed another problem with missing translation
  • Build in 32bit mode to be more compatible
  • Release log (0.13):
  • Fixed the problem with translation access
  • Release log (0.12):
  • First public mac release.
  • Installation package is ~8MB.