Questions & Answers

  • Q: Voice changer/Music player is not working anymore?
  • A: Skype is changing it's voice API all the time. And things are getting worse.
    There is a hacky solution to enable old audio protocol and restore full audio functions in Clownfish:
    * stop Skype
    * open Skype location folder(ex. C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone)
    * rename RtmCodecs.dll to _RtmCodecs.dll ( this will disable new audio protocol)
    * start Skype ( don't download new version if prompted)
    Using this hack could make potential ploblems in Skype behavior( like talking to mobile devices). To restore original state rename back RtmCodecs.dll

    You can try downloading older version of Skype and see if it will do the trick. Version 7.16 seems to be working fine on windows 10 machine, could be different on others.
    If you don't want to use older version you can start using Clownfish system wide voice changer - it has similar sound functions.

  • Q: Can I use music from online sources like YouTube, Vimeo and others?
  • A: Yes, you can! This function requires installation of 3rd party software - 3DYD DirectShow source filter. After installing this filter you will be able to add and play online music in Clownfish's music player. Various online sources are supported. Just copy and paste music URL from the browser.

  • Q: Messages created by Clownfish are not sent. They stay in status sending. What's wrong?
  • A: Skype is changing the way messages are sent. With new approach sometimes messages sent by Clownfish are not delivered. However if you send a message via Skype client it's always delivered. So to solve this problem Clownfish implements a new way of Skype integration - Simulate user action . In this new mode Clownfish is accessing Skype by it's user interface. It's more reliable way of sending data at the moment. Also broadcasting messages will be much more reliable with this integration mode.
    To change integration mode go to Clownfish's menu: Preferences->Skype Integration->Simulate user action

  • Q: Can I use Clownfish to change my voice in other applications ( not Skype )?
  • A: Clownfish voice changer supports only Skype. There is a new project with similar voice possibilities - Clownfish for Teamspeak. You can also try new Clownfish Voice Changer project.

  • Q: Voice changer/Music player is not working correct.
  • A: Skype versions 6.10,6.11,6.12 and 6.13 have a bug which disables voice changer/music player in Clownfish. To solve the problem you have to upgrade to latest Skype version.

  • Q: My keyboard does not work as expected. Some keys don't work any more ( AltGr+2, '@' sign, etc. ) What should I do?
  • A: Clownfish can be controlled by hotkeys ( keyboard shortcuts ). In some configurations these hotkeys affect system behavior. To solve the problem you have to change Clownfish's hotkey combination or just disable them( Menu->Preferences->Hotkeys). Sorry about your troubles.

  • Q: I've denied Skype access by accident. What to do?
  • A: Open Skype Menu -> Skype Options --> Advanced Settings. At the BOTTOM of Advanced Setting --> Manage other programs's access to Skype --> Change --> Allow Clownfish to use Skype.

  • Q: How can I add/remove spellcheck dictionaries?
  • A: Visit this link and download selected spellcheckers. Installation is easy, just keep pressing "next". For manual installation you can read help section in 'Spell Check' menu. In general Clownfish spellcheckers are compatible with OpenOffice dictionaries.

  • Q: Do you support different interface languages?
  • A: Not yet. Currently only english GUI is available.

  • Q: Who is going to use Clownfish anyway?
  • A: Everyone should use it! Especially if you plan to talk
    with people from all over the World.

  • Q: Are you going to make a version for Linux?
  • A: We've already have one. Some day linux release will get all the features of his big brother :-)

  • Q: Can I ask for some application extension?
  • A: Yes, you can.

  • Q: Can I configure the AI Talk Robot?
  • A: Yes, it is possible to create and use your own robot. Just visit to create, manage and modify your robot. Don't forget to configure Clownfish to use your robot ( Options section )

  • Q: Can Clownfish handle more skypes instances running on one machine?
  • A: Yes, it can work with all of them. For best results you have to start Clownfish after you've started all skype instances.

  • Q: Why have you changed the domain name from
  • A: Well, Skype Technologies S.A does not allow using 'SKYPE' word to anyone :-)

  • Q: What is Voice Changer?
  • A: This little thing will modify your voice while you are in Skype conversation. Some effects will make your voice very strange and funny.

  • Q: Can I play background music in a voice talk?
  • A: Yes, you can! Just go to Voice Changer->Music menu, browse your favourite music file, select preferred music volume. Now your voice calls will be unique.

  • Q: Why menu translations are so weird?
  • A: Because in this first localized version automatic translation was used. If you want to improve menu translation, visit feedback page.

  • Q: What is Encrypt Message mode and how is it working?
  • A: It's a way to encrypt your outgoing messages. Secured channel is made over the existing Skype connection. Eavesdropping will not be possible any more. The receiver must have clownfish installed to be able to decrypt incoming message.

  • Q: What is this autodetection of "translate to" language?
  • A: We've added recognition of user native language , based on Skype's profile data. Using this information you can force the translator to switch automatically to user's language. For example you will be able to chat with russian and italian girl at the same time without need to switch every time the "translate to" language.

  • Q: What is "User translation filter"?
  • A: Here you can define preferred language for each person in your Skype contacts. For example you can say that you want talk with Peter in Polish and with Mary in German. So Clownfish will translate messages according to this settings. If you put an user in DISABLED mode the translations from and to this person will be blocked.

  • Q: What are "VST Effects"?
  • A: In general this is another way to modify your voice during Skype voice call. Check here for more information - VST Effect support

  • Q: What to do if Clownfish is crashing on start?
  • A: Seems that something is broken. You can try to uninstall Clownfish, reboot your PC and install application again. It could help :)

  • Q: What is "Skype Intergration" option in preferences?
  • A: There are two ways to show translated messages. The older way "Edit message mode" replaced the original message with new one. It looks good, but it was not very reliable. The edited message in some cases will not be send via Skype. Now the default option is "New message mode" - much more reliable. In this mode a new message is send for every translation. You can experiment with both and see what is good for you.

  • Q: What is "Cooperative mode" ?
  • A: A lot of people ask me to do Clownfish for iOS, Android and other devices. The problem is that on these devices there is no Skype API available.
    The idea behind Cooperative mode is simple - you run Clownfish on Windows PC with Skype running and you start your Skype client on your mobile device too. In this configuration every message you send/receive on you mobile will be also received by Window's Skype ( and translated by Clownfish ). So the message will be send by mobile, translation will be done by desktop PC ( Clownfish ) and added to you chat. All will be transparent for you. Hope you got the idea :-)