User Manual

  • 1.Start

  • Start Clownfish from Desktop or from Start Menu.
    The Clownfish shortcut looks like this:
    help image
    By default Clownfish will start with Windows startup.
  • 2.Main menu

  • When you start the program on traybar you will see Clownfish logo.
    By right clicking on it main menu will pop up.
    Main menu has the following look:
    help image
    Disable/Enable Translation - turns on/off translation.
    This also could be done by double click on traybar icon.
    Hide Original Messages - should original message be sent or not.
    Set Translator - here you could choose the active translation service.
    Currently we support Google, Yahoo and Windows Live, SysTran
    Spell Check - With spellchecker you could correct your outgoing messages in realtime. Here you select active spell-checker.
    Text to Speech - here you could enable text-to-speech for incoming messages.
    Translate Incoming Messages - activate translation of incoming messages.
    Preferences - program settings
    User translation filter - Ability to set prefered language for each person in your Skype contacs. If you put a person to DISABLED mode the Clownfish will not translate any messages from and to this person.
    Greetings - you can send predefined greetings to your friends
    Fun&Art Message - you can send predefined art drawings
    A.I. Talk Robot - artificial intelligence talk robot can replace you
    Voice Call Recorder - record all your voice conversations in best available quality
    Voice Changer - modify your voice with different audio effects. List of all effects: Echo, Echo( multiple), Chorus, Robotic Voice, Pitch( male ), Pitch( female )
    Check for Updates - just checks for updates.
    Homepage - will bring you to our homepage.
    About - just a little info.
    Exit - close the applications.
  • 3.Google Settings

  • Here you could define settings for Google translation service.
    From Language - Sets the language you are writing in.
    List of supported 'from' languages:
    AutoDetect - special option for autodetecting input language
    To Language - Sets the output language.
    List of supported 'to' languages:
  • 4.Yahoo Settings

  • Here you could define settings for Yahoo translation service.
    Language Pairs:
    Chinese-simp to English,Chinese-simp to Chinese-trad,Chinese-trad to English,
    Chinese-trad to Chinese-simp,English to Chinese-simp,
    English to Chinese-trad,English to Dutch,English to French,
    English to German,English to Greek,English to Italian,
    English to Japanese,English to Korean,English to Portuguese,
    English to Russian,English to Spanish,Dutch to English,Dutch to French,
    French to Dutch,French to English,French to German,French to Greek,
    French to Italian,French to Portuguese,French to Spanish,
    German to English,German to French,Greek to English,Greek to French,
    Italian to English,Italian to French,Japanese to English,Korean to English,
    Portuguese to English,Portuguese to French,Russian to English,
    Spanish to English,Spanish to French.
  • 5.Live Settings

  • Here you could define settings for Windows Live translation service.
    Language Pairs:
    Arabic - English,Chinese Simplified - Chinese Traditional,
    Chinese Simplified - English,Chinese Traditional - Chinese Simplified,
    Chinese Traditional - English,Dutch - English,English - Arabic,
    English - Chinese Simplified,English - Chinese Traditional,English - Dutch,
    English - French,English - German,English - Italian,English - Japanese,
    English - Korean,English - Polish,English - Portuguese,English - Russian,
    English - Spanish,French - English,German - English,Italian - English,
    Japanese - English,Korean - English,Polish - English,Portuguese - English,
    Russian - English,Spanish - English.
  • 6.SysTran Settings

  • Here you could define settings for SysTran translation service.
    Language Pairs:
    Arabic - English,Chinese - English,Dutch - English,
    Dutch - French, English - Arabic,English - Chinese,
    English - Dutch,English - French, English - German,
    English - Greek,English - Italian,English - Japanese,
    English - Korean,English - Polish,English - Portuguese,
    English - Russian,English - Spanish,English - Swedish,
    French - Dutch,French - English,French - German,
    French - Greek,French - Italian,French - Portuguese,
    French - Spanish,German - English,German - French,
    German - Italian,German - Portuguese,German - Spanish,
    Greek - English,Greek - French,Italian - English,
    Italian - French,Italian - German,Italian - Portuguese,
    Italian - Spanish,Japanese - English,Korean - English,
    Polish - English,Portuguese - English,Portuguese - French,
    Portuguese - German,Portuguese - Italian,
    Portuguese - Spanish,Russian - English,Spanish - English,
    Spanish - French,Spanish - German,Spanish - Italian,
    Spanish - Portuguese,Swedish - English
  • 7.Spell Check

  • Here you could enable/disable online text spellchecking.
    Automatic spellcheck installation:
    1) Open this link in your browser.
    2) Download needed spellchecker.
    3) Install it. It's normal installation procedure.
    4) Restart Clownfish
    Manual spellcheck installation:
    1) Download compatible spellcheck dictionary from internet.(//
    2) Open downloaded file with your favourite extractor( like RAR ).
    3) Extract all *.aff and *.dic files (en_US.aff , en_US.dic).
    4) Goto Clownfish's installation folder. ( C:\Program Files\Clownfish\ )
    5) Copy newly extracted files to 'dic' subfolder.( C:\Program Files\Clownfish\dic\ )
    6) Restart Clownfish
  • Clownfish's Hotkeys:

  • You can specify hotkey in Preferences->Hotkeys menu.
    Hotkey combinations: CTRL, ALT, CTRL+ALT, CTRL+SHIFT, ALT+SHIFT
    Hotkey+F1 Realtime translation (on/off)
    Hotkey+F2 Original message (show/hide)
    Hotkey+F3 Encrypt messages (on/off)
    Hotkey+F5 Greetings dialog (show/hide)
    Hotkey+F6 Fun&Art Message (show/hide)
    Hotkey+F7 A.I. Talk Robot (show/hide)
    Hotkey+F8 Voice Call Recorder (show/hide)
    Hotkey+F9 Sound effect (down)
    Hotkey+F10 Sound effect (up)
    Hotkey+F11 Voice effect (down)
    Hotkey+F12 Voice effect (up)
    Hotkey+(0-9) Select voice effect
    Hotkey+M Play/Stop Music file during voice call

Installation Guide

  • 1.Download

  • Click on download link
    help image
    and run the application.
    help image

  • 2.Install

  • Configure the installer.
    help image
    Start the installation.
    help image
    Close any application if needed.
    help image
    help image
    Finish the installation.
    help image

  • 3.Run and authorize

  • Run Clownfish via Desktop shortcut or via Start menu.
    When you run the program for first time Skype will ask you to authorize the new application.
    Click 'Allow Access' to let Clownfish be able to translate your messages. help image
    If you click 'Deny access' by accident you could manually allow access to Skype.
    To do this go to Skype's Tools-> Options -> Advanced Settings. Open 'Manage other programs access to Skype' and edit Clownfish entry.
  • 4.Enjoy

  • Start writing in your preferred language.