Clownfish for Skype 1.00(Linux)

Download now Debian/Ubuntu Installation ( i386 )

Download now Standalone Archive ( i386 )

Download now Debian/Ubuntu Installation ( amd64 )

Download now Standalone Archive ( amd64 )

These are legacy versions of Clownfish Translator for Skype, compatible only with older Skype versions.
If you are interested in new version go here !

Third generation of Clownfish for Linux is born. Enjoy!
The fish is build on top of wxWidgets framework. It's fast and reliable.
It comes in two distributions - Debian Package and standalone executable.

If you have problems running the application you will have to check if you have all needed libraries and install missing ones.
You can take latest wxWidgets binaries from here: wxWidgets

Usually you have to run these or similar commands before installing deb package to satisfy missing dependencies:
sudo apt-key adv --fetch-keys //
sudo apt-add-repository 'deb // trusty universe'
sudo apt-get update

Select the right installation:
i386 - install on 32 bit OS
amd64 - install on 64 bit OS

  • Release log (1.00):
  • Complete program rewrite ( using wxWidgets framework )
  • New graphical user interface
  • Added "Text to speech"
  • Optimizations and improvements
  • Release log (0.20):
  • Complete program rewrite ( using Ultimate++ framework )
  • New design and menu localization
  • Added translation of incoming messages
  • Added Broadcast message
  • Added Fun&Art message
  • Release log (0.14):
  • Fixed a problem with translation of multiple lines
  • Fixed another problem with missing translation
  • Release log (0.13):
  • Fixed the problem with translation access
  • Release log (0.12):
  • Added update check
  • Minimized library dependencies
  • UI updates
  • Release log (0.10):
  • First public linux release.

List of all needed libraries: