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64bit Win OS 7/8/8.1/10/11
Download 64bit
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64bit Win OS 7/8/8.1/10/11
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(32bit VST)
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Download various standalone plugins to extend Clownfish usability

Push2Talk v0.6
Win OS 7/8/8.1/10/11
Win2Talk v0.1
Win OS 7/8/8.1/10/11
Win OS 7/8/8.1/10/11 [32/64]

Terminal Edition (v1.0)

Clownfish Voice Changer for Audio Cable/Virtual Audio Device

Simplified version that works as audio processing unit, input audio is modified and redirected to specified audio output.
This mode requires installing external software for creating virtual audio/cable device!
Release log (1.81):
Optimized CPU usage
Updated internal libraries
Release log (1.80):
Added Microphone Boost
Added Audio Changer Tool
Upgraded Installer
Release log (1.75):
Added Clownfish Profiles
Extended SoundBoard plugin
Updated Azure text2speech (456 voices)
Added -incognito startup parameter
Fixed startup crash
Release log (1.70):
Added VSTClownfish support (plugin)
Added Polish UI
Security and stability fixes
Release log (1.68):
Added Incognito mode
Extended Custom Pitch
Fixed Run on windows start
Fixed append original voice
Release log (1.66):
Improved plugin support
Added Win2Talk plugin
Fixed Push2Talk plugin
Release log (1.65):
Added bass and treble tuning
Fixed crashing
Layout improvements
Release log (1.60):
Added Windows 11 support
Replaced communication core
Various fixes and improvements
Release log (1.55):
Added A.I. Noise suppression
Performance optimizations
SoundBoard: Improved hotkeys
Release log (1.50):
Added: New 36 IBM voices
Added: Redirect all sounds to selected audio device
Release log (1.47):
Added: Select active microphone
Added: Select output audio device
Added: Portuguese translations
Release log (1.45):
Added: Text2Speech save to file
Code refactoring
SoundBoard: improved key matching
Push2Talk: improved key matching
Release log (1.42):
Add custom vocoders
Code refactoring
SoundBoard: extended mouse support
Push2Talk: extended mouse support
Release log (1.41):
Fixed sound glitch issues
Fixed echo effect
Fixed disabled but active problem
Release log (1.40):
Added new vocoder voices
Added option to append original voice
Improved system integration
Added new integration modes
Fixed google services
Fixed transparent dialog issue
Fixed listen to microphone
New build environment
Release log (1.35):
Improved audio effects quality
Improved VST support
Remove audio glitches
Extended API - custom pitch, pause, resume
Fix crash on close
Release log (1.32):
Audio Sharing - select output device
Improved audio capture system
Save VST settings
Release log (1.30):
Text2Speech detects all local voices (SAPI4/SAPI5)
Fixed adding custom sounds
Layout improvements
Release log (1.25):
Added 16 new text to speech languages
SoundBoard: Add presets
Code improvements
Release log (1.20):
Resizable Sound player dialog
Fixed/Improved icons
Improved Japonese (by nekoi7yu)
Added Czech UI translation
Release log (1.15):
Added local audio sharing
Improved music/sound quality
Layout fixes
Release log (1.10):
Added color themes
Improved user interface
Stability improvements
Release log (1.05):
Improved effect mixer
Improved hotkeys handling
Push2Talk: Improved stability
Release log (1.02):
Removed non-working TTS voices
Code optimizations
SoundBoard: Added on/off command
Release log (1.00):
Added voice effect mixer/chainer
Added Amazon Text2Speech (58 voices)
Added Microsoft Text2Speech (89 voices)
Added Yandex Text2Speech (18 voices)
Added IBM Text2Speech (20 voices)
SoundBoard: Added mouse key support
Release log (0.97):
Added music seekbar
Added 'Start with Windows' option
Added optional ProgramData configuration storage (-programdata parameter)
Release log (0.96):
Improved registry integration
Added crash logging
SoundBoard: Added local play
Release log (0.95):
Store VST settings
Added local volume control
Improved custom pitch step
Release log (0.93):
Fixed Google Text2Speech
Added Skip update option
Improved update information
Release log (0.92):
Fixed Text2Speech service
Release log (0.91):
Added 64bit release with 64bit VST support
Minor layout fixes
Release log (0.90):
Apply effects to Music,Sound,T2S
Added on/off sound
Fixed Google Text2Speech
SoundBoard plugin: VST, Volume
Extended control API
Hebrew update
Release log (0.85):
Added microphone sensitivity control
Music window is resizable
SoundBoard plugin: new hotkeys
Extended control API
Added Hebrew language
Release log (0.82):
Improved Voice Assistant
Fixed Text2Speech services
Release log (0.80):
Improved VST support
Improved audio playback
Added Greek language
Release log (0.78):
Extended control API
Release log (0.77):
Added Ghost echo effect
Optimized performance
Release log (0.75):
Added text-to-speech speed selection
Added text-to-speech message history
Added new GUI translations
Code improvements
Release log (0.70):
Added 29 new text-to-speech voices
Extended API/Plug-in support
Fixed UI/Translations
Release log (0.69):
Fixed menu translations again
Release log (0.68):
Added Chinese language
Fixed menu translations
Release log (0.67):
Added GUI localization
Voice assistant improvements
Compatibility startup parameter -nocolor
Updated installer
Release log (0.66):
Fixed VST effects
Reduced install size
Release log (0.65):
Added sound effects ( Cave, Town hall, Chorus )
Added new integration mode ( SFX )
Fixed problem with currupted GUI
Improved installer
Release log (0.62):
Added new hotkeys (Help->Hotkeys)
Define hotkey combination (in Setup)
Release log (0.60):
Extended compatibility ( Windows creators update )
Added several installation modes
Fixed problem with multiple microphone instances
Code optimizations and checks
Release log (0.57):
Fixed sound/music pitch problem
Extended control API
GUI fixes
Release log (0.55):
Fixed corrupted sound
Fixed music autostart bug
Store text voice selection
Release log (0.50):
Added sound volume
Added local volume control
Fixed sound player hotkeys
Release log (0.45):
Improved headset compatability
Added music search filter
Release log (0.41):
Fixed installer package
Release log (0.40):
Added VST support
Improved sound mixer
Code optimizations
Release log (0.35):
Added Voice Assistant
Local text-to-speech
Web based text-to-speech
Release log (0.32):
Add hear sound/music only option
Add next track hotkey
Removed some code
Release log (0.31):
Improved compatibility
Improved installer
Release log (0.30):
Added action hotkeys
Improved setup process
Added help section
Release log (0.25):
Added Sound player
Optimized DLL dependency
Release log (0.20):
Added Music player
Added 'Silence' effect
Improved installer
Various code fixes
Release log (0.15 beta):
Fixed configuration options
Release log (0.10 beta):
First public release
32/64 bit installer