Download v1.32

Download 64bit
(32bit VST)
64bit Win OS Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Download 64bit
(64bit VST)
64bit Win OS Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Download 32bit
(32bit VST)
32bit Win OS Vista/7/8/8.1/10


Download various standalone plugins to extend Clownfish usability

Push2Talk v0.3
Win OS Vista/7/8/8.1/10
SoundBoard v0.7
Hotkey manager
Win OS Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Release log (1.32):
Audio Sharing - select output device
Improved audio capture system
Save VST settings
Release log (1.30):
Text2Speech detects all local voices (SAPI4/SAPI5)
Fixed adding custom sounds
Layout improvements
Release log (1.25):
Added 16 new text to speech languages
SoundBoard: Add presets
Code improvements
Release log (1.20):
Resizable Sound player dialog
Fixed/Improved icons
Improved Japonese (by nekoi7yu)
Added Czech UI translation
Release log (1.15):
Added local audio sharing
Improved music/sound quality
Layout fixes
Release log (1.10):
Added color themes
Improved user interface
Stability improvements
Release log (1.05):
Improved effect mixer
Improved hotkeys handling
Push2Talk: Improved stability
Release log (1.02):
Removed non-working TTS voices
Code optimizations
SoundBoard: Added on/off command
Release log (1.00):
Added voice effect mixer/chainer
Added Amazon Text2Speech (58 voices)
Added Microsoft Text2Speech (89 voices)
Added Yandex Text2Speech (18 voices)
Added IBM Text2Speech (20 voices)
SoundBoard: Added mouse key support
Release log (0.97):
Added music seekbar
Added 'Start with Windows' option
Added optional ProgramData configuration storage (-programdata parameter)
Release log (0.96):
Improved registry integration
Added crash logging
SoundBoard: Added local play
Release log (0.95):
Store VST settings
Added local volume control
Improved custom pitch step
Release log (0.93):
Fixed Google Text2Speech
Added Skip update option
Improved update information
Release log (0.92):
Fixed Text2Speech service
Release log (0.91):
Added 64bit release with 64bit VST support
Minor layout fixes
Release log (0.90):
Apply effects to Music,Sound,T2S
Added on/off sound
Fixed Google Text2Speech
SoundBoard plugin: VST, Volume
Extended control API
Hebrew update
Release log (0.85):
Added microphone sensitivity control
Music window is resizable
SoundBoard plugin: new hotkeys
Extended control API
Added Hebrew language
Release log (0.82):
Improved Voice Assistant
Fixed Text2Speech services
Release log (0.80):
Improved VST support
Improved audio playback
Added Greek language
Release log (0.78):
Extended control API
Release log (0.77):
Added Ghost echo effect
Optimized performance
Release log (0.75):
Added text-to-speech speed selection
Added text-to-speech message history
Added new GUI translations
Code improvements
Release log (0.70):
Added 29 new text-to-speech voices
Extended API/Plug-in support
Fixed UI/Translations
Release log (0.69):
Fixed menu translations again
Release log (0.68):
Added Chinese language
Fixed menu translations
Release log (0.67):
Added GUI localization
Voice assistant improvements
Compatibility startup parameter -nocolor
Updated installer
Release log (0.66):
Fixed VST effects
Reduced install size
Release log (0.65):
Added sound effects ( Cave, Town hall, Chorus )
Added new integration mode ( SFX )
Fixed problem with currupted GUI
Improved installer
Release log (0.62):
Added new hotkeys (Help->Hotkeys)
Define hotkey combination (in Setup)
Release log (0.60):
Extended compatibility ( Windows creators update )
Added several installation modes
Fixed problem with multiple microphone instances
Code optimizations and checks
Release log (0.57):
Fixed sound/music pitch problem
Extended control API
GUI fixes
Release log (0.55):
Fixed corrupted sound
Fixed music autostart bug
Store text voice selection
Release log (0.50):
Added sound volume
Added local volume control
Fixed sound player hotkeys
Release log (0.45):
Improved headset compatability
Added music search filter
Release log (0.41):
Fixed installer package
Release log (0.40):
Added VST support
Improved sound mixer
Code optimizations
Release log (0.35):
Added Voice Assistant
Local text-to-speech
Web based text-to-speech
Release log (0.32):
Add hear sound/music only option
Add next track hotkey
Removed some code
Release log (0.31):
Improved compatibility
Improved installer
Release log (0.30):
Added action hotkeys
Improved setup process
Added help section
Release log (0.25):
Added Sound player
Optimized DLL dependency
Release log (0.20):
Added Music player
Added 'Silence' effect
Improved installer
Various code fixes
Release log (0.15 beta):
Fixed configuration options
Release log (0.10 beta):
First public release
32/64 bit installer